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When you think of “summer,” what springs to mind? Swimming, sunshine, vacation, or quality time with family, perhaps? As much as we all anticipate the joys of the summer break, oral health and dental care often fall by the wayside in our plans. We may deviate from our usual routines when the weather heats up, but the team at Bayview Dental is here to remind you that maintaining your oral health is crucial as ever. We’ve gathered some of our top summer dental care tips to guide you on how to look after your teeth this season.

Limit Sugary Snacks and Beverages

Throughout the year, we may generally eat healthily, but summer festivities like parties and barbecues expose us to a greater variety of sugary foods and drinks. A key tip for oral health during the summer is to avoid high-sugar foods and beverages as much as possible. Sugars produce acid that erodes your tooth enamel and causes plaque buildup, leading to cavities. If you do indulge, remember to do so in moderation and brush your teeth immediately afterward to help protect against cavities.

Keep Up with Dental Appointments

Summer is often packed with holidays, social gatherings, weddings, and parties, leading many patients to either cancel their dental appointments or forget about them. Despite the allure of summer socialising, it’s vital to keep your dental appointments, especially if it’s been six months since your last one. If you haven’t seen a dentist in over six months, be sure to contact our team at Bayview Dental Claremont to schedule an appointment this summer. Dedicate some morning time for your visit, and then enjoy the rest of the day poolside!

Use the Right Lip Balm

Your lips are part of your oral health, so their care is equally important, particularly during the summer. While many people are diligent about applying sunscreen in the summer, the need for lip care often goes unnoticed. On sunny days, apply your usual sunblock to protect your skin, but also remember to use a lip balm with at least SPF 15. Proper lip care can help prevent sunburn and blisters from the sun’s harsh rays.

Remember to Brush and Floss

Travel, late nights, parties, camping, and sleepovers can disrupt your regular routine during the summer, particularly your bedtime routine. Always set aside a few minutes before bed to floss and brush. Neglecting your nightly oral health routine can have serious consequences in the long run. Prioritising your oral health every night will yield benefits for years to come!

Summer is undoubtedly the best time for fun and activities with loved ones. However, it’s equally important to prioritise regular dental care. The Bayview Dental Claremont team is here to help you maintain your oral health while you enjoy your summer.

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