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Why should you choose a take home teeth whitening kit?

You’re able to apply take home teeth whitening kits yourself meaning that you can get whiter teeth at the comfort of your own home or wherever you want!

To ensure that you are completing the whitening process in a safe and effective manner, all of our teeth whitening treatments start with a consultation where you will be prescribed the best whitening kit for you. Before taking your whitening kit home, you’ll be fully armed with knowledge to safely and effectively whiten your smile.

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What happens during my whitening consultation?

When you book your appointment, please tell the front office coordinator that you’re interested in a home whitening treatment. At your consultation, a dentist will comprehensively analyse your teeth and then advise you on what will be the best treatment for you.

If there is any calcified debris (known as calculus) or too much bacteria on your teeth, the whitening kit will not give you effective results. Therefore quite often a cleaning appointment is done prior to issuing your whitening trays to ensure that you get the best results.

How quickly can I get my whitening kit?

Here at Bayview Dental, we want to make you a custom designed whitening tray that will fit for your mouth only. Given this information, we usually cannot issue whitening trays at the first appointment.

If your mouth is healthy we are able to take impressions for your teeth during your consultation appointment and then issue you with your home kit as early as the next day!

For certain individuals who are coming from the country or are in Perth from a different city, we may be able to accommodate the same day home whitening kit fabrication. 

I’ve got my home whitening kit how do I use it?

Your dentist will advise you on the frequency and length of your home whitening kit when you collect it from us.

When you are ready to whiten your teeth at home, please follow these instructions as a general rule:

  • brush your teeth prior to using the home whitening kit
  • remove your whitening gel from the fridge and place a teardrop size of tooth whitening gel into your bleaching trays
  • gently place the trays over your teeth and clear up all the excess bleach
  • when the prescribed time for your formulation is up, take out your trays and give them a good clean with cold water and brush your teeth

Our take home formula is made up of a unique blend of ingredients that helps protect enamel and reduce the sensitivity.

What’s the cost of home whitening?

The fee for take-home whitening starts from $295. This fee includes a dental professional assisting you with a TGA approved whitening agent, and does not include any health insurance rebates. Quite often your health insurer will pay towards your treatment and you should contact us to see if you will be eligible for any rebates. We do also have interest free payment plans that will assist you and start from as little as $50 a week.

Repeat daily or nightly depending on your recommended protocol and be amazed by your whiter, brighter smile!

For more read our Blog about the Common questions about Teeth Whitening. 

Take Home Teeth Whitening

Our approach to Teeth Whitening at Home



Come see us today to discuss whether teeth whitening at home is suitable for you.


We will generally be required to clean your teeth first, in order to remove bacteria and achieve optimal results.


Impressions are taken of your teeth to create perfectly fitted trays for you.


Collect your take home whitening kit and our dentist will give individually suited instructions to you.


We will review your results to ensure you are satisfied and continue regular hygiene appointments to maintain good health

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A whiter smile can change your life.

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