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Our approach to checkups

Don’t let small dental issues turn into big problems! Regular check-ups at Bayview Dental in Claremont, complete with comprehensive examinations of your teeth, gums, and mouth, can keep those pesky troubles at bay. We suggest visiting us every six months for a check-up, along with maintaining a consistent at-home routine to ensure your mouth stays in tip-top shape.

Embrace the future of dental care! Our regular examinations combine cutting-edge technology with the best of our dentist’s knowledge and expertise – all within a virtually pain-free experience, just for you!

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What happens at a checkup?

During every dental check-up, your Bayview Dental dentist or dental hygienist will inquire about any concerns since your previous appointment. As you comfortably sit in the dental chair, a thorough examination, scaling, and polishing will be performed to ensure optimal oral health.


Your Bayview dentist will diligently look for cavities and examine any plaque – the clear, sticky layer of bacteria – or tartar buildup on your teeth. We will also assess your gum health by measuring the spaces between your teeth and gums. Gum disease becomes evident as these spaces deepen. You may not know this, but we will also inspect your tongue, throat, face, and neck for any swelling or unusual signs that could indicate potential oral health issues such as oral cancer.

Scaling & Polishing

To maintain a healthy smile, plaque or tartar accumulation needs to be removed. We use specialised tools like an ultrasonic scaler to gently dislodge larger tartar pieces and provide a deep cleaning above and below the gum line – accompanied by a pleasant tickling sensation. Once all tooth surfaces are smooth, a polishing process removes any stains using a low-speed hand-piece fitted with a soft rubber cup. This rubber cup contains an effective blend of abrasive toothpaste-like material and fluoride that whisks around on your soon-to-be gleaming teeth.

What are the next steps following the check-up?

Upon completing your examination, our dentists will discuss any personalised treatment recommendations for your needs. This will encompass a range of topics, including effective tooth brushing techniques, tips for maintaining a healthy diet and nutrition, as well as guidance on alcohol intake and smoking habits.

In case any complications arise, a follow-up visit may be arranged for restoration procedures such as fillings or crowns. For more intricate dental care, your dentist can connect you with skilled specialists like orthodontists, periodontists, oral surgeons, or endodontists. Throughout the entire process, we will are dedicated to open and transparent communication, ensuring you’re well-informed about all available options — showcasing the vital importance of good communication.

When is the next check-up scheduled for?

After completing the check-up, your next visit will be confirmed here at Bayview Dental. Dental check-ups are generally recommended every six months though it can be different for each individual depending on their oral health needs. Bayview Dental will remind you with a text message or phone call closer to the time so you’ll be well prepared.

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