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As Australians we love our sports, whether it is footy, netball, skateboarding or other high contact sports. Nevertheless, the spill can be devastating and can leave you or your child with a serious injury of the head or teeth. To minimise this risk, it is highly advisable to wear a mouthguard.

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What is a mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a thick, foamlike shield that fits perfectly over your teeth. They need to be worn during sport activities that involve a high risk of injury to the face.

A special type of mouthguard can help to prevent damage due to grinding and clenching during night. Please refer to TMJ to learn more about it.

Mouthguard FAQs

What are the risks when playing sport?

Broken or chipped teeth, loss of teeth or even a fractured jaw bone and injuries to the soft tissues of the mouth can be a result of trauma from a high impact injury. These types of injuries can also damage gums or lips.

From our professional experience about a third of traumatic injuries are sport related and statistics show that about half of children experience some sort of dental trauma. Usually these injuries are preventable and the good old saying ‘better safe, than sorry’ is more appropriate than ever when it comes to mouthguards.

Mouthguards should always be worn during sport and training or other activities that can harbor an injury. The Australian Dental Association and the Sports Medicine Australia state that a mouthguard should always be worn anytime when you play sports, regardless of whether this sport is considered a contact sport.

We recommend to get a custom fitted mouthguard. They are constructed and fitted by our dental professionals to the exact shape of your teeth and therefore will provide the highest protection.

We take an impression of your teeth. A dental lab technician will make plaster models of such and then make a mouthguard that is at least 4mm thick with a specialised force-absorbing layer that effectively protects against impacts. Even though it fits snug you will still be able to talk and the best part is that you get to choose from a big range of colours to make it as unique as you are. Now you can focus on what’s really important-to score these goals. 

The answer is no, for custom fitted mouthguards. Studies have shown that there is no effect on the athletes’ performance. However, some studies report a negative effect on over the counter mouthguards because of breathing difficulties and discomfort.

The cost for custom fitted mouthguards will range between 190-300$ but see it as an insurance because if you don’t have protection, injuries will most likely extend the cost and time spend of a custom fitted mouthguard. Also check out our interest free payment plans which we are happily assist you with. 

After using your mouthguard rinse it with water and soap and use a soft toothbrush to clean it. From time to time use Denture tablets to soak the mouthguard in, which will help to keep the colour bright and give it some extra freshness. Then rinse again and let it air dry. We will provide you with a plastic container in which you can store your mouthguard, when not in use. Please don’t leave it in the car after sport because the heat can damage the shape.

Many kids experience a dental injury when playing their sport. If your child is not keen on wearing a mouthguard you can point out to them that they can choose their favourite colour or even sports logo to put on the mouthguard. Sometimes it helps to tell them that famous sport stars are wearing one too and are spotted with them regularly, such as Le Bronn James.

Dental injuries are not related to certain age groups and can happen to everyone who is playing sports. 

During your regular check-ups, it is advisable to inspect the condition of your mouthguard as well. If damage happened to the mouthguard it might need replacement.

If your mouthguard is in good condition and you haven’t had any major dental work done that altered the arch of your teeth, a mouthguard can last many years.

Regarding kids’ mouthguards they need to be replaced more frequently because of the child’s growth and new teeth that break through and alter the fit of it.

If your mouthguard starts to feel different see your dentist for advice. 

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